We Are Color Hunt

Hello world! Color Hunt is almost 1 month old, and we're still growing rapidly. Since we opened our gates, more than 100,000 users have visited us, so thank you guys!

Colors are our ambition. We made Color Hunt to inspire the internet with beautiful colors. When we started, the first color combos shown on the site were created by us, but becuase of the overwhelming amount of color suggestions from you guys over half of the colors are now your creation!

We are happy about that. You guys are awesome and your engagement is our main drive for fulfilling the idea of sharing beautiful colors. Together we are making a huge collection of beautiful colors for anyone. We made a place for discovery, for getting inspiration, and finding the best colors.

Color Hunt has already been featured by many websites, magazine and blogs, including:

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Gal Shir,
Color Hunt

Sep 3, 2015