Twitter's New Tweet Button

Twitter have just redesigned their familiar tweet button. We hunted that and analyzed it to see what's new.

Twitter is known as a platform which doesn't always understands itself. Lately, they changed their famous "Favourite" star button with a new and common "Like" heart button. That change did not lead to a massive positive feedback, but Twitter is still on the move and it seems like we are going to face many more new changes.

What's the deal with the color?

According to Twitter's brand guidelines, there is a one primary blue tone which is the familiar #55ACEE. This type of blue fills the Twitter's logo and also found everywhere on Twitter's website and app. With the new tweet button, we can easily see that something is taking a process. Twitter's new button is filled with a different type of blue that seems much more dark and saturated.

Twitter's new button breaks the rules.

There are almost no rules in the internet, but if there were, Twitter is playing bad in the game. We found that the new tweet button is wider. Wide enough to see with no any proffessional measuring. Is it a call for a war? We'll have to see the new Facebook share button to know...

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Color Hunt

Nov 21, 2015