Color Palettes Of The Solar System Stars

We've hunted the different colors from the beautiful stars of our solar system!


#EFDCCE #F8B581 #DE5F25 #4E1D0E

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. It has the longest rotation period (243 days) of any planet in the Solar System and rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets.


#EAEAEA #CEAB4E #417B38 #182A61

Earth, otherwise known as the world, is the third planet from the Sun and the only object in the Universe known to harbor life.


#FDBF01 #F97A05 #B53B03 #4C0B03

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury. Named after the Roman god of war, it is often referred to as the "Red Planet" because the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance.


#E7EBEC #B9CBD5 #C1844D #754627

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a giant planet with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, but two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.


#E0CDAD #C1B494 #A88B6D #67594C

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter. It is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth.


#D3F9FA #C7EDF0 #9FC4CA #688990

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune, and both have different bulk chemical composition from that of the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.


#7BDEFC #537CFE #3454DF #262E72

Neptune is the eighth and farthest known planet from the Sun in the Solar System. In the Solar System, it is the fourth-largest planet by diameter, the third-most-massive planet, and the densest giant planet.


#FDFDFD #E9E8D2 #7C6241 #472B17

Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond Neptune. It was the first Kuiper belt object to be discovered.

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Jan 7, 2017