Is There Any Difference Between Google’s & Microsoft’s Colors?

We analyzed and compared the primary brand colors of Google and Microsoft in order to discover the similarities and differences, and this is what we found.

From the start, both Google and Microsoft managed to use the exact same colors, which are blue, green, yellow and red. But as you can see, there are still some minor differences between the colors of those two tech giants.

Google and Microsoft are sharing the same yellow.

There's a minor difference between the shades of yellow, and a slightly bigger difference between the three other colors. By analyzing the color parameters, we discovered an interesting and clear conclusion - Microsoft's colors are way more saturated.

As described by Google, the brand's Material Design Colors are supposed to represent reality, and this is why they have a lower saturation. Google's "Material design" is about "real world" materials, so it is expected from Google to use real life colors.

On the other hand, Microsoft, which is also a digital brand, uses much brighter and saturated colors that may be more related to the digital world and the computer screen than the “real world”. It seems like Microsoft used the colors from the digital world, and Google is pushing “real life” colors into the digital world.

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Gal Shir,
Color Hunt

Sep 3, 2015